Chicago: City of Big Data

An explosion of data has transformed the way cities are constructed and function. Chicago is at the vanguard of applying these data to address transportation, health care, education, energy, public safety, and other urban challenges.

Join experts from the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, including the former chief data and information officer for the City of Chicago and the former chief scientist at Obama for America’s 2012 Campaign, to learn how scientists are collaborating with educators, architects, and government officials to develop analytical tools and computer models that can improve quality of life for residents of Chicago and metropolises worldwide.

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Charlie Catlett
Senior Computer Scientist, Argonne; Director, Urban Center for Computation and Data, UChicago




Kathleen Cagney
Associate Professor, Sociology and Health Studies; Director, Population Research Center, NORC and UChicago



Rayid Ghani
Research Director, Computation Institute, UChicago/Argonne; Senior Fellow, Harris School of Public Policy, UChicago


Brett Goldstein
Senior Fellow in Urban Science, Harris School of Public Policy, UChicago



Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD
Associate Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Medicine-Geriatrics; Director, South Side Health and Vitality Studies, UChicago




Office of the Vice President for Research and for National Laboratories

The OVPRNL provides guidance and support to UChicago researchers and scholars in their pursuit of new knowledge from proposal and program development to grant management and invention disclosure. The OVPRNL is also responsible for stewardship and oversight of the University’s contracts with the U.S. Department of Energy to manage Argonne National Laboratory and co-manage Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory through UChicago Argonne LLC and Fermi Research Alliance, LLC.

Chicago Architecture Foundation

Presented by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Chicago: City of Big Data explores how data shapes the design and experience of Chicago and urban regions everywhere. Created in partnership with leading designers, data experts, and hackers, this interactive exhibition will guide visitors in discovering the impact of data in their everyday lives, neighborhood and city. City of Big Data will be accompanied by innovative public programs, youth design studios and a special online experience. This exhibition opens March 2014 at the Chicago Architecture Foundation.